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When Will They Ever Learn?

The film Amazing Grace received mixed reviews when it was released, but I'm a sucker for British period pieces so I decided to give it a look on the last day before it disappeared from my local art house cinema.
Oct 16 2007 | The Epoch Times

At the Movies: Amazing Grace

British Member of Parliament, William Wilberforce, manoeuvers his way through Parliament in 19th century England, to bring about the end of British transatlantic slave trade...
Sep 28 2007 |

The Man & The Story behind Amazing Grace (Part 4)

At the age of twenty two, John, a wretched sinner, was converted from a daring blasphemer of God into a devout believer in Christ.
Sep 26 2007 | Christian Today

The Man & The Story behind Amazing Grace (Part 3)

In 1744, the French fleet was hovering at Englandís coast and war was imminent. John, a confused adolescent, was lost, lonely and on the loose.
Sep 07 2007 | Christian Today

Amazing Grace - ABC Review

The names William Pitt and William Wilberforce probably donít mean much to anybody who doesnít have an interest in 19th century English politics, the Napoleonic wars, and the abolition of the British slave trade, so you canít blame the makers of Amazing Grace for naming it after a hymn that might be familiar to 21st century audiences.
Sep 06 2007 |

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